Pleiadian Lightwork supports personal evolution through healing, spiritual activation, and ascension techniques.  The healing practices used stem from the ancient Lemurian, Atlantean, and Egyptian systems.  This healing system is based on releasing belief systems and holding patterns through the body’s energy field.

A healing session is based on a multidimensional reading of the soul.  Current issues such as relationships (intimate, family, work-related), career, self-worth and health can be healed.  Contracts with people and energies both present and past can lock us into belief systems and patterns that affect the way we perceive our reality today.  The healing releases the locks and creates awareness of why certain experiences or habits have played a role in your life.  This assists you to recreate the life you desire.

Healing Sessions are 30 mins.  

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Angela’s work is discussed in the book by Melanie Tonia Evans – Breaking the Chains of Painful Love and provides healing that can dissolve and release ties and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

To hear more about this work and Angela click on the link below to view her interview on Visions TV.

Courses are also available for both personal development and those interested in becoming a practitioner.  Refer to Workshops & Courses Outlines/Schedule.

For more information regarding Pleiadian Lightwork, please visit the website of the founder of this work Amorah Quan Yin.