Angela uses her psychic and mediumship abilities to communicate with loved ones, spirit, healing guides and universal beings.  These sessions are intuitively guided and can incorporate angel, tarot cards, crystals, past lives and intuitive counselling.

Sessions are usually 45 mins.   

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Earth / land and house healings. Often there are energies connected to particular areas and sometimes in houses that can contribute to the unsettling of the occupants.  It is often sensitive people, in particular children, who will sense a presence in their abode. There is a general feeling of not being comfortable in an area of the house/land or strange occurences.

Examples maybe young children’s nightmares or inability to sleep; unusual behaviour patterns and sometimes a string of bad luck events.  

A healing (often onsite) releases the energies and returns the land to its natural balance and the occupants to a state of stability.

Axial Initiation
Axial Initiation is a procedure that aligns you to your blueprint for your soul’s journey and supports the renewal/regeneration functions of the human body. It reconnects us to universal frequencies which enables this personal evolution. Once activated the â�¨process continues to develop through time.  It is completed over two one hour sessions, no more than 48 hours apart.

Angela is a facilitator of this procedure.  For more information on this healing refer to www.melissahocking.com