Working with Angela has changed my life.  A journey which has reminded me of the value of trust and taken me precious inches closer to myself……
I will be eternally grateful for her presence in my life.’

Belinda M.
St. Andrews, Vic

I have found the work I have done with you just amazing.  The pleiadian lightwork has been incredible in releasing old patterns and past life connections.  The changes to my life through your work have been wonderful; as a person I feel so much more confident and positive about my choices in life.  The quality of my life has improved beyond measure, which without your support I would not have achieved.’

Jodie E.
South Frankston, Vic

Angela’s  use of Pleiadian Lightwork therapy is a gift to humanity.  Angela is a true lightworker who delivers the message of light and consciousness and injects it into our whole being for growth and our evolution.

I always feel I can move forward with life with a greater understanding of the planet and my part in it.  After a session with Angela I feel alive and enriched, connected, strong and at peace with all that is.

Thank-you Angela, I am so happy our paths crossed.  You are such a blessing!’

Dani A.
Apollo Bay, Vic

Angela is a gifted and powerful healer.  I have known Angela for at least 5 years.  In that time she has helped me enormously through her healings.  From Reiki to intuitive insights. She is able to bring clarity to troubled times through her pleiadian counselling.  Her tarot readings are exceptional, so much so I did the course with her.  A visit to Angela has always left me feeling sincerely cared for and I would recommend anyone to visit her.

Julie S.
Wantirna South, Vic

Thank you so much for yet another great Pleiadian intensive course. Under your caring professional guidance, I feel I have come ‘leaps & bounds’ as a reader.  I have so enjoyed this course and the healing and clearing I experienced.

Thank you for your time, love, compassion and pure intention! You are such an inspiration!  I look forward to an exciting future with empowerment and self responsibility.

Helen R.
Glen Waverley, Vic

I was at an extremely low point in my life when a friend suggested I go and see Angela for a reading.  I met a lady that really fitted the name – an absolute ANGEL!

I have since had a few more readings, healings and did psychic development classes with Angela and she is always so caring, understanding, honest and just seems to nail the solution.

Sometimes I have gone to see Angela and felt all in pieces and by the time I leave all the pieces have been put together like a jigsaw puzzle and I feel lighter, more focussed, have the answer I needed to move onwards and upwards and with another layer healed and all with Angela’s heart felt love, warmth and honouring way.

Pam A.
Rowville, Vic

Thank you Angela for a great day on the Reiki Training.
The course was run professionally, well placed, and I really enjoyed it.

 Steve P.
 Camberwell, Vic

I have been not only a client of Angela Treloar but a student for some years now.  I find in consultations and therapies; Angela knows exactly what issues to address, thereby producing workable and applicable outcomes.  Some of the consultations I engaged in included Reiki, Pleiadian Lightwork, Tarot and Holistic Counselling. 

As a student of Angela’s I find that she is extremely supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and engendering whereby my individual talents and skills surfaced and were constantly fostered.  Some of the courses I participated in included Meditation, Spiritual Healing and Channelling, Pleiadian Lightwork, Reiki and Tarot.

Jan R.
Rowville, Vic

After experiencing the release work facilitated by Angela I find I have more clarity in my life and feel more integrated and whole.  This has enabled me to feel more connected with my feelings and intuition, resulting in an increase in my self trust, so I find I can make decisions more easily.  It has certainly resulted in my feeling more empowered and reduced my feelings of fear.

Angela provides healing in a warm and safe environment in which she freely shares her compassion for people, and in my experience she is a skilled and talented healer.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my healing experience with Angela and I recommend Pleiadian healing for those of you who want to feel more empowered in your lives and who are ready to let go of attachments that no longer serve them.

Lisa M.
Seaford, Vic

Working with Angela has certainly transformed my life.  When I first went to see her I was hurt, angry and bitter and couldn’t find a ‘way out!’.  I wasn’t happy in my marriage and I had a baby with medical problems.  Angela helped me heal with unfaltering patience, support and compassion.  Now, my husband and I have never been happier and there are not enough words to explain how grateful I am to Angela for ‘guiding’ me through.  Throughout our lives we all need healing, Angela really is an angel sent from heaven to help us reach our full potential on this our physical journey.

Throughout my healing journey with Angela, I have studied Tarot, Reiki 1, 11 and Reiki Masters as well as Pleiadian Lightwork.  Her teaching style is supportive, understanding, relaxed and fun, it comes from her heart in such an encouraging and compassionate way.  Her knowledge is astounding.  As a counsellor, teacher and mentor she has certainly been a huge inspiration, motivation and guiding force in my life.

Deanne J.
Langwarrrin, Vic

I have had the pleasure of working with Angela from time to time over the past 8 years, in a variety of mediums to understand my spirituality more deeply, sorting my own space in life, working with spirit, and keeping in contact with my family that have departed our earthly plane.

Angela has always approached our sessions in a professional, non-judgemental and understanding manner, and has been a tremendous support not only for myself but my family members as well.  I believe without her help and guidance, I would not be the person I am today, although I think we are all ‘works in progress’ on our life journey, and will continue to consult Angela from time to time for ‘spiritual/energy checkups’ to maintain a balance in my life.

I would not hesitate to recommend Angela to anyone seeking balance and harmony in their life, as having received her support and guidance has certainly enriched my life.

Deb M.
Mooroolbark, Vic